Lighthouse – Edition 61

Journal of the Canadian Hydrographic Association
Edition 61 * Spring 2002 
CHC2002 Conference Edition

Feature Articles


Improving a Multi-Reference GPS Satation Network Method for OTF Positioning in the St. Lawrence Seaway

L.P. Fortes

M.E. Cannon

S. Skone

G. Lachapelle


Completion of the CHA/CIDA Malaysia Hydrographic Training Project 1985-2001 T.D.W. McCulloch


Augmentation of DGNSS With Dynamic Constraints For Marine Navigation

S. Ryan

G. Lachapelle


Canadian Hydrographic Conference 2002 Program / Programme de la Conference hydrographique du Canada 2002 CHS


Friends of Hydrography S. van Dyck


Charts for the Blind and Visually Impaired? G. Macdonald

Message from the National President

Welcome to our 2002 Canadian
Hydrographic Conference edition. Much has gone on since our last edition
and it’s been a process of learning for me having recently taken over
the helm from Ken McMillan. As you will see below, our Board of
Directors has changed considerably but we’ve a good crew. As
professional associations go we’re small but active. By now, mailings
will have been sent to participating Canadian academic institutions
notifying them of our annual CHA National student award. Central Branch
members have been very active in assisting with the planning and
preparation for the 2002 Coastal Multibeam Sonar Training Course as well
as the Canadian Hydrographic Conference. Tom McCulloch, on behalf of
CHA, is preparing a proposal to be submitted to the Canadian
International Development Agency (CIDA) to seek assistance for CHA to
provide cartographic training to the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.
Closer to home, CHA is also investigating the feasibility of bringing an
IHO/FIG-accredited hydrographic program back to Canada. After many years
of helping developing countries develop their hydrographic capabilities,
it would be good to help one of our own colleges or universities achieve
Category A or Category B accreditation

To those readers who are referring to LIGHTHOUSE
for their Conference program, welcome to Toronto and I hope you will
find the articles and other features of our journal to be of interest.
Hope to see you at CHC2002!

Andrew Leyzack

Editors Note

We are very pleased that the 2002 Canadian Hydrographic
Conference organizing committee has chosen LIGHTHOUSE as the means of
communicating the conference program and other important information to
its participants. We welcome such opportunities to introduce our journal
to the hydrographic community. For those of you who are not attending,
we hope it gives you a brief overview of what transpired and perhaps you
can join us at the 2004 conference. We hope that all of you read the
journal from cover to cover and find the contents of interest and value.

As editors, we remain committed to producing a quality
journal – a journal that will be of interest and benefit to the
hydrographic, marine science, navigation and the many other related
communities. We will strive to ensure our publication will continue to
be easy to read and cover contemporary topics of interest to a wide
range of readers. We believe that, in addition to reflecting hydrography
in Canada, LIGHTHOUSE has an important role in keeping readers
abreast of what’s happening in the entire industry.

We invite your input and comments at any time. During
the conference we will make a special effort to solicit comments and
suggestions from all of you. At this time one of our main areas of focus
will be with advertisers and sustaining members and what improvements we
can make that will be of greatest mutual benefit. It is our intent to
make incremental improvements with each edition of the journal.

Our plan to increase the list of sustaining members is
ambitious. We hope to improve our sustaining membership benefit package
so we can help many more of our collegues in industry. Let’s discuss
possible actions for improvement.

You will be pleased to know that approximately 900
copies of LIGHTHOUSE, edition 60, were circulated to members,
subscribers, advertisers and potential advertisers and subscribers in
over 100 countries. We continue to be pleased with our rate of growth
and sincerely thank you for your support.

Earl Brown and Paola Travaglini

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