2014 Conference

2014 Conference Papers

Positioning: Canadian and US challenges in the Horizontal and the Vertical

Papers Authors PDF
Assessing the feasibility and benefits of the real-time HP-GPS*C service to support high precision surveys and positioning in the Arctic Levesque et al – CGS, CHS, NovAtel, CCG  PDF icon
Quality Control of Inertial-Aided Kinematic GPS Data in NOAA Ellipsoid-Referenced Survey Hydrography Riley el al – NOAA CSDL  PDF icon
The Continuous Vertical Datum for Canadian Waters (CVDCW) Project: Overview and Results Robin et al – CHS, GSD PDF icon
Integrating Offshore Hydrodynamic Model Outputs with Onshore Observations to Support Development of TCARI Grids Huang et al PDF icon

Survey Planning and The Big Picture

Papers Authors PDF
Action Plan for the Removal of Sediment Contaminants From St. John’s Harbor Through Dredging Wise – Marine Institute PDF icon
Implementation of CARIS Bathy DataBASE at the Canadian Hydrographic Service, Pacific Region Carroll – Marine Institute PDF icon
Survey Planning Tool:  From Concept to Reality Malone – CHS PDF icon
Marine Corridors: a Methodology for Planning and Prioritizing Hydrographic Surveys, Products and Services Leyzack et al – CHS PDF icon
Intelligent Exploitation of the Blue Economy – A Hydrographic Perspective Ventura – Fugro Pelagos PDF icon

Navigation and Charting

Papers Authors PDF
The End is Nigh for the Paper Chart – so now what? Brunt and Casey* – CHS, IIC Technologies PDF icon
Next Generation Charting Services Smith – NOAA, MCD PDF icon
St-Lawrence River, the Expressway for E-nav Maltais – CHS PDF icon
Exploring the use of Sound for Representing Complex Spatial Relations in Marine Navigation McDonald – CHS PDF icon
Unlocking the Responsible Resource Development Potential of Canada’s Seabed Lowe – NRCAN, CHS PDF icon

New Applications and Methods for Hydrographic Systems

Papers Authors PDF
Potential Benthic Substrate and Characteristic Mapping Using Multibeam Bathymetry and Backscatter Bosma and Dodd* – EC-CWS, CHS PDF icon
Development of an adaptive fusion algorithm for marine debris recognition within the post-Sandy restoration framework Masetti and Calder – UNH PDF icon
An Evaluation of C-NAV, NovAtel and NRCan Real-Time PPP Services Dodd – CHS, IIC Technologies PDF icon

Panel Discussion

Presentation Co-chairs PDF
Approaches to Hydrographic Certification Schemes and Continuous Professional Development Derrick Peyton (IIC Technologies): J-C Tetreault (ACLS) PDF icon

Data Processing

Papers Authors PDF
Alternative Hydrographic Data Processing Paradigms for Emergency Response and Conventional Hydrographic Surveys Pradith and Younkin – NOAA PDF icon
A More Precise Algorithm To Account For Non Concentric Multibeam Array Geometry Hamilton et al – UNB PDF icon
A Demonstration of Autonomous Survey with a Shallow Water Multibeam and Near Real-time Processing Lockhart et al – Teledyne, LRI, CARIS PDF icon
Recent Improvements to Seafloor Imagery Acquisition and Processing Procedures for R2Sonic Multibeam Echosounders Beaudoin et al – UNH, Substructure, QPS PDF icon

Poster Session

Papers Authors PDF
Surveying of Coastal Zones: Airborne and Marine-Mobile Laser Scanning Solutions Pfennigbauer et al Haring* – Riegl PDF icon
Bear Hunt – The Search for a Historical Maritime Treasure Turner and Hauser PDF icon
Updating CHS Charts with remote sensing data Radar and optical approach Chenier and Hemmingway

Tardif * – CHS

PDF icon
Collection, handling, management and integration of Source Data: An integrated solution for Digital publication production and Product maintenance Klippen – Jeppesen PDF icon

Advances in instruments and methods

Papers Authors PDF
A Method for a Relative Sonar Field Calibration Using Reson 7125 Multibeam Echo Sounders Welton et al – NOAA, UNH PDF icon
Marine Performance of NovAtel SPAN GNSS/INS Systems Wong Ken et al – NovAtel PDF icon
A New Method for Generation of Soundings from Phase-Difference Measurements Schmidt et al – UNH, IFREMER PDF icon
Using Synthetic Aperture Sonar as an Effective Hydrographic Survey Tool Hoggarth and Kenny – CARIS, Kraken Sonar PDF icon

The Nearshore Environment: Data Capture and Challenges

Papers Authors PDF
Prepared for the Worst: The Importance of Nearshore Hydrographic Mapping Prior to Coastal Disasters Mitchell – FPI PDF icon
New Topographic-Bathymetric Lidar Technology for Post-Sandy Mapping Aslaksen and Parrish – NOAA NGS, RSD PDF icon
Interferometric Swath Bathymetry for Large Scale Shallow Water Hydrographic Surveys Brisson et al – Edgetech, USACE PDF icon
Satellite-Derived Bathymetry Using Multiple Images: The Alaska North Slope Case Study Pe’eri et al, Smith* – UNH, NOAA PDF icon

Data Management

Papers Authors PDF
INFOMAR: A Foundation for Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth Furey – INFOMAR PDF icon
Hydrographic data at the foundation of a Marine SDI Ponce – ESRI PDF icon
Uncover Hidden Value in Maritime Data Snyder, de Puyt and Smith* – NOAA, ESRI PDF icon
HUDDL for description and archive of hydrographic binary data Masetti and Calder – UNH PDF icon

Data Management

Papers Authors PDF
Vertical Transformations: Exploring a GIS Approach Brinton, Baud – ESRI PDF icon
Enhanced Total Propagated Uncertainty (TPU) in CARIS HIPS and SIPS Foster et al – CARIS, NOAA PDF icon