Bulletin 25, Edition 2022-2, April 12 2022

The CHA Board of Directors would like to provide free registration to CHC2022 for up to four of our members. The following criteria will be applied to select successful submissions:

  • CHA members in good standing
  • Members who do not necessarily have sponsorship from their employer or another organization
  • A brief description (200 words or less) of why the member would like to be considered for this benefit
  • Received by 29 April 2022
  • Should acceptable submissions be received that exceed the number of registrations available, the member’s name shall be drawn randomly.

Following the conference, the successful members will be asked to provide a brief summary of their experience at CHC2022, to be posted on the CHA website.

If you would like to seek this opportunity, please send your submission to cc

Thank you for your interest and good luck!

Board of Directors, Canadian Hydrographic Association

Bulletin 24, Edition 2022-1, March 28 2022

CHC2022: A World Transformed

The preparations for CHC2022 are going very well. This will be a face-to-face conference, with virtual participation also offered if we obtain more than 75 registrants who wish to join us from another location. We have received over 100 abstracts and more than 25 exhibitors have confirmed attendance (this number continues to grow). We are very pleased that six renowned guest speakers will be present.
An exciting “Speed Mapping Challenge – From Data to Chart” is also in preparation by CHS and COMREN and this event will be sponsored by CHA. Check out for more details.

History of CHA:
A CHA member is interested in compiling the history of CHA (foundation, past Presidents, Branches, etc.). If you have information or know of the existence of material that would help, please contact me directly.

CHA Logo:
Our familiar CHA logo is our trademark, however, it has never officially been registered. We are currently in the process of registering our logo with the assistance of a company specializing in this area.

Auditing of our Finances:
We are very thankful for our member who has volunteered to audit our finances for many years. To assist with this process, however, we require a second individual to complete the team. The process is important but not onerous – if you could give a little of your time to assist, it would be greatly appreciated. CHA will be pleased to cover your annual membership fee in return. Please contact:

Student Award:
Please take a moment to check out our Student Award winners for 2021. These students are bringing fresh ideas and concepts to the hydrographic profession, and we are proud to be able to support them:

Please do not hesitate to encourage friends and colleagues to become CHA members ( and to promote participation to the Canadian Hydrographic Conference 2022 ( .

GeoIgnite: Winter Geo 2022: Canada’s National Geospatial Conference is Online

Free Registration for Canadian Geospatial Community

MARCH 1ST – 3RD, 2022

Workshop March 4th – 10th, 2022

Canadian Hydrographic Conference June 6-9, 2022 Gatineau/Ottawa

International Fall School in Hydrographic Surveying: From October 25 to 29, 2021 | Université Laval

US HYDROGRAPHY 2021 Virtual Conference September 13th – 16th

IIC Academy Launches Its Hydrographic
Surveying Program to the General Public

Click here for IIC Academy Hydrographic Surveying Program

New edition of the standard S-44 of IHO in french version

The standard S-44 of IHO (International Hydrographic Organization), related to hydrographic surveys, was updated in its sixth edition on September 2020, first as an english version.

Today, the french version is on line, result of a collaboration between SHOM, l’association française d’hydrographie (AFHY and the Canadian Hydrographic Association (CHA

The english version is available on the IHO website ( or directly at this address :

Sean Hinds

10 May 1955 – 04 Feb 2021

Sean was born May 10, 1955, in Barrie, Ontario. He spent his childhood in Barrie, London, and then Thornhill. He started his own family in Georgetown, then moved to Manotick, and later retired in Nepean. Sean had an extraordinary career. He received his Honours Diploma in Hydrographic Survey Technology from Humber College in 1981. He was commissioned as a Canada Land Surveyor and was a Field Hydrographic Surveyor. He helped create the nautical charts and the digital infrastructure to allow for the safe and efficient navigation at sea and in the Great Lakes. Early in his career Sean was posted to expeditions to chart the Arctic Ocean where his team lived in tents in extreme weather conditions. In the Arctic, Sean even survived a helicopter crash and lived to tell the story of the rescue amidst a fierce storm. Eventually Sean became a Senior Advisor in the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) travelling to many countries to share his knowledge and work. In 2012, Sean was honoured for his hard work and service to the Government of Canada with a special Governor General’s Award, the Queen Elizabeth’s II Diamond Jubilee Medal. This recognition was a source of pride for both his family and his father who travelled to Ottawa for the ceremony. At the end of 2015, Sean retired from DFO after 35 years of dedicated service.

Our sincere condolences to the family!


Richard Sanfaçon
CHA President

Prix Geomatica Award 2020

Dr Rock Santerre receiving the 2020 Geomatica Award from Richard Sanfaçon, President of the Canadian Hydrographic Association who represents here the Canadian Institute of Geomatics
Dr. Rock Santerre’s Vitae Summary (November 2020)

Rock Santerre has been a professor in the Department of Geomatics Sciences at Laval University from 1990 to 2017 and the Director of the Geomatics Engineering program from 2007 to 2011. He was a founding member of the Centre for Research in Geomatics (CRG) and he is now a CRG honorary member.

He taught several coursesto more than 1200 students in addition to 700 professionals who attended his continuing education GPS courses. Hehas supervised orco-supervisednearly 40graduate students coming from 10 countries.

His research activities were mainly related to high precision GPS (GNSS) positioning and navigation. Dr. Santerre is the author and co-author of about 240 publications and presentations. His papers have been cited in publications written in 17 languages. He was a member of several IAG (International Association of Geodesy) Special Study Groups for almost 20 years. Dr. Santerre also acted as one the Associate Editors for the CIG journal Geomatica from 1997 to 2009. He also holds three GPS patents.

Dr. Santerre continue to contribute to the popularization of Geomatics by the realization of exhibitions and the publication of papers on the history of Geomatics.

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