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The Canadian Hydrographic Association is a non-profit organization of members dedicated to the promotion and advancement of hydrography in Canada


  • Provide an effective venue for interested participants from industry, academia, the public service and other sectors to exchange information and share advancements in the discipline of hydrography.
  • Improve the awareness of hydrography’s critical importance at a national scale, both to influence policy and to inform and attract new recruits into the field.
  • Support training and education opportunities for those wishing to enter the discipline as well as for the continuing education of hydrographers.
  • Work in partnership with international hydrographic and other associations to ensure Canadian hydrography is well integrated with related disciplines and continues to progress and improve.


The CHA objectives will be achieved by:

  • Organizing regular opportunities for members to exchange information and learn of new developments in the field.
  • Holding monthly meetings of the national CHA board to determine and implement strategic directions, and to monitor progress.
  • Publishing and maintaining the CHA website as well as providing updates through newsletters and social media to summarize recent information and to notify members of upcoming events
  • Organizing biennial international conferences to bring a wide spectrum of participants together to present and discuss advances in hydrography and related disciplines.
  • Establishing and maintaining close working relationships with key associations and organizations having common goals in the field of hydrography and its associated disciplines.
  • Recognizing the achievements of an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the hydrographic profession and/or its related disciplines through the annual Sam Masry Award.
  • Providing financial support to deserving students studying hydrography or a related subject through the annual CHA Award.


What the CHA Can Do For You:

  • advance your knowledge of hydrography, cartography and associated disciplines, and keep you abreast of the latest developments in these disciplines;
  • enable you to establish a network with others involved with hydrography, nationally and internationally.
  • Allow you to share and discover existing and potential projects and employment opportunities.

These benefits are provided through the sponsorship of seminars, colloquiums, training programs, national conferences, Regional and National meetings.

The CHA also provides assistance to eligible students for their studies.


Membership is open to anyone engaged or with interests in hydrography and marine cartography, hydrographers, cartographers and all those working in associated disciplines. Visit our membership page HERE