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We are a non-profit, scientific and technical group of more than 200 members with the objective of:

  • advancing the development of hydrography, marine cartography and associated activities in Canada;
  • furthering the knowledge and professional development of its members;
  • enhancing and demonstrating the public need for hydrography;
  • assisting in the development of hydrographic sciences in developing countries.
  • enabling Industry, Academia and others engaged in or interested in hydrography and related sciences to meet, correspond, and coordinate their efforts in the continuing development, promotion, and improvement of such sciences.

It is the only national hydrographic organization in Canada. It embraces the disciplines of:

  • hydrographic surveying;
  • marine cartography;
  • marine geodesy;
  • offshore exploration;
  • tidal and tidal current studies.

The Canadian Hydrographic Association is formally affiliated with the Canadian Institute of Geomatics. It is informally associated with The Hydrographic Society of America (THSOA).

What the CHA Can Do For You:

  • advance your knowledge of hydrography, cartography and associated disciplines, and keep you abreast of the latest developments in these disciplines;
  • enable you to develop and maintain contacts with others involved with hydrography, nationally and internationally.

These benefits are provided through the sponsorship of seminars, colloquiums, training programs, national conferences, Branch and National meetings. It also used to be provided through the publication of LIGHTHOUSE, which ceased in 2015.  The CHA also provides a student award for eligible students, to assist with their studies.


Membership is open to all hydrographers, those working in associated disciplines, and those interested in hydrography and marine cartography.