Corporate Members

CHA Corporate Membership

Corporate membership allows companies with interests in hydrographic and related fields to become involved with the activities of the CHA and to maintain closer contact with key users of their products. Through CHA website, CHA Corporate Members are able to reach a world-wide hydrographic audience. The benefits of CHA Corporate Membership include:

  • access to CHA publications;
  • awareness and opportunities related to Canadian Hydrographic Conference;
  • a 100 word description on our website;
  • discounted advertising rates in our Bulletins and website.

Annual dues for CHA Corporate Membership are: $200 (Canadian).

Thank you to our current corporate members which include:

  •  ASI-Group
  • Geomatics Data Solutions (affiliation – CHA Pacific Branch)
  • Geonautical 
  • Knudsen Engineering Ltd (affiliation – CHA Central Branch)
  • M2Ocean
  • Naval Meteorological and Oceanographic Office (Taiwan)
  • Terra Remote Sensing
  • IIC Academy
  • Skilltrade
  • Copperstone Technologies: Copperstone Technologies is a Canadian-based engineering firm specializing in the design, production, and operation of HELIX, an industrial autonomous amphibious robot developed for environmental monitoring. Inspired by space robotics and advanced remote sensing, Copperstone envisions developing innovative tools and exploratory methods to help Earth’s most challenging environments. Available for purchase and shipped globally, HELIX offers unparalleled autonomy, remote sensing, reliability, and versatility, opening up new possibilities for industries such as mining, construction, search and rescue, military applications, ocean shorelines, agriculture, environmental monitoring and research, disaster response and more