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Canadian Hydrographic Association Lighthouse – Edition 60

Journal of the Canadian Hydrographic Association

Edition 60 * Fall / Winter 2001

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Feature Articles

7 First Steps on the Quality Journey S. Hinds

A. O’Conner

15 Future Trends In Marine Navigation and Positioning Technology G. lachapelle

S. Ryan

39 IHO S44 Standards for Hydrographic Surveys and The Variety of Requirements for Bathymetric Data D. Wells

D. Monahan

Message from the National President

The Science of Hydrography has changed radically in the last few years. We have moved into the digital world because of low-cost computing capability combined with multibeam echosounders. Use of a lead line has diminished and single-beam echosounder surveys are being replaced by multibeam surveys. With all this digital data to be processed, the skillset of the Hydrographer has to be constantly upgraded. CHA uses our journal, LIGHTHOUSE, as one means of education. Many of our readers are aware of CHA’s involvement with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) in the CAT A and CAT B training courses in Malaysia. CHA Central Branch has videotapes available for rental for Hydrographic Training.

Recently, I received information about a new book by Dr. Sylvia Earle, being published by National Geographic Society. One comment stood out in the literature. We have only seen(my italics) 5% of the bottom of the oceans once. As we continue to explore the ocean bottom with multibeam echosounders we are seeing the bottom acoustically, and adding to the wealth of information about our planet. Who knows what wonders await us?
Ken McMillan

Editors’ Note

You will notice that this edition of LIGHTHOUSE, as well as the previous one, has a new look. This new look will continue with every edition. We are very pleased with the positive comments received regarding our decision to feature a different lighthouse on the cover of each edition of the journal. However, the old saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover” still applies. Your comments received with respect to the content of our journal have also been positive. Thanks to all of you who took the time to contact us.

It is our intent to continue with the traditional format and balanced content of technical and non-technical articles. We will, however, introduce changes which we believe will enhance the quality of the journal and reflect the interest of CHA members, subscribers, advertisers and others who receive and read this journal.

This edition of LIGHTHOUSE includes a short article under the heading of “Soundings” which we hope will be a regular feature of the journal. This article by a retired hydrographer is included, hopefully to stimulate thought, discussion and interest within the hydrographic community. It is called “Soundings” in recognition of a newsletter with that name which was published by the Canadian Hydrographic Service many years ago. We invite your comments on the content or suitability of this sort of article.

We are pleased to announce that LIGHTHOUSE will have a prominent role during the 2002 Canadian Hydrographic Conference. This conference will take place in Toronto, Ontario, May 28 to 31, 2002. Planning for the conference is in the advanced stages and all indicators suggest that it will be one of the largest and best in Canadian Hydrographic Conference history. We are delighted that LIGHTHOUSE will be able to provide conference exhibitors and sponsors with a special rate to advertise in the Spring 2002 “special” conference edition. A copy of our journal, containing the official program and other information of interest and required by conference attendees, will be provided to all as part of the registration package.

It may be of interest to many of you to note that approximately 900 copies of LIGHTHOUSE, editon 59, were circulated to members, subscribers, advertisers and potential advertisers as well as others within the hydrographic and marine community. We are very pleased with our rate of growth and thank you for your support.

Earl Brown and Paola Travaglini

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